Published on Jun 18th 2020
A huge thank you to all the young fans out there who have contributed to our Harry Potter At Home videos by drawing some very magical things. Take a look at some of their artwork - and look forward to more coming soon!

Over the last month, we’ve been re-reading the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone, alongside famous fans and friends of the Wizarding World.

You can take a look at all our chapters so far, right here.

With each video you see, you’ll spot fantastic interpretations of the events, characters and locations of each chapter dotted throughout the readings. These have been submitted from fans all over the world, using their artistic skills to bring Harry Potter’s story to life. Here are a few more brilliant pieces that you didn’t see in our videos, but we simply had to show you.

Owls and fireworks

First, we begin with this moment of celebration across the wizarding world (that was definitely noticed by the Muggles...) depicted by Arthur, 8 from the UK. Arthur has perfectly captured that famous night, where Voldemort was seemingly defeated by a baby Harry Potter, leading to much jubilation, owls and fireworks cascading across the night sky.

The Hogwarts Express

Next up, this contribution from Nathan, 9, from the United States. Nathan’s cheery depiction of everyone’s favourite magical train shows us the Hogwarts Express in all its scarlet-red glory. All aboard!

“Yer a wizard”

Immersed in glowing sparks, here we see a young Harry Potter finally finding his perfect wand, and suddenly feeling distinctly more magical. Thank you very much to Tzipora, 9, from the United States, who captured this important moment in Harry’s life beautifully.

Potions class

The mood of Professor Snape can certainly sap the colour out of anyone’s day, so we appreciate this artistic choice from Maria in Spain. Maria picked a smoky, black and white interpretation when she drew Harry’s first Potions class. Enjoy the details of an enthusiastic Hermione, a scowling Draco and, alas, a not-very-happy Harry!

Severus Snape

For all his foibles, Severus Snape is a lot of fun to draw, so here’s another! This time, Beth has drawn the surly Potions professor, perfectly capturing his inky eyes, lank black hair and moody aura.

The cupboard under the stairs

Aivin from Canada has drawn one of the earlier moments from the first book, where poor Harry is stuck in the cupboard under the stairs. We love the splash of red that surrounds Harry in this picture, which perfectly paints that feeling of being locked in. Also note the loose sock – we wonder if this is a homage to a certain house-elf who turns up in the second book? And seeing as Harry’s dark cupboard was known to be full of spiders, we’re glad to see he’s caught one here.

The cat at Privet Drive

A cat graces the ‘perfectly normal’ street of Privet Drive, and you can bet it’s no ordinary cat. Great work from Eliza, 8, who has drawn Professor McGonagall in her feline form, and even added a witch’s hat for an extra bit of flair!

And another!

You know what we need? More cats! A huge thanks to Hal, 6, for obliging! Hal has also drawn Professor Mcgonall’s cat lurking around Privet Drive, and she too, is wearing a witch’s hat. A fantastic artist choice by both of our illustrators.

Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hagrid & Baby Harry

We finish our collection with this striking contribution from Maddie, 14, who has drawn the memorable moment where baby Harry Potter is delivered to the Dursley family by Professor McGonagall, Professor Dumbledore and Hagrid. We love the use of colour Maddie has used on each character’s outfits, which brighten up the dark night where Harry’s life changed forever.

A huge thank you to all of our artists for all your magical work.

Learn all about Harry Potter At Home at our official hub. And if you want to submit to one of our future chapter reads, here’s our submission details.